A Taste of Stamford: An Introduction

A Taste of Stamford: An Introduction

Welcome to my first post! Being a Stamford resident for the past 15 years, I have found that my family and I frequent the same 5 or 6 restaurants, even though the city has added numerous spots in the past few years. Coming from a “foodie” family, I know that good food and amazing restaurants are able to connect not only your family, but the surrounding community as well. Being a real estate agent, my job is to not only to find forever homes for people and their families, but to find a forever home where they can go out, find friends, and eat good food. The food scene in Stamford reflects the diversity of the population, and many of the best restaurants in Stamford are overlooked, or even hidden. Through this weekly blog, I hope to introduce everyone to only the best restaurants our city has to offer, both new and old. Stay tuned, and stay hungry Stamford!

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