Elm Street Diner

From an Italian newcomer in Downtown Stamford to a waterfront steakhouse spotlighting the best of gastronomy, we can't help but love and appreciate the classic American diner. In Stamford, we have a handful of old-fashioned, family-owned places with giant displays of pastries and desserts and menus the size of books displayed on the tables—full of delicious dishes that encapsulate an “American” cuisine. 

If you live in Stamford, and even if you live in the next town or state over, chances are you have heard of Elm Street Diner. A Stamford landmark, this diner located near the heart of Downtown is known for its take on the diner experience, milkshakes larger than your head, and always seemingly packed full of customers. We have been going to Elm Street Diner for years, and we believe that it is, if not the best, the most enjoyable diner meal we have in Stamford. Be sure to come either early on the weekends, or for lunch or dinner on the weekdays, because one thing for sure is guaranteed: a line out of the door. 

The inside of this restaurant is nothing crazy, but we have learned that when a restaurant is more simple in design and decor, it probably makes up for it with the food and the dining experience in general. The menu is full of staples like burgers, deli sandwiches, breakfast foods like pancakes, waffles, omelets, and more. The burgers are always thick and juicy, and even if you're in the mood for something lighter like a salad, Elm Street has you covered. Along with the American classics, there are also authentic, freshly made Greek staples on the menu—something that is pretty consistent with diners across the area. The spanikopita is crisp and packed with fresh spinach and feta. The pastitsio, a Greek-style “lasagna”, is made with long bucatini pasta, cooked with a meat sauce and a creamy bechamel all baked together. 

While the food is to die for, and you will never leave either hungry or wanting more. However, the milkshakes that the kitchen sends out are known from Instagram to Tik-tok to the New York Times because they are not only delicious, but they're adorned with over-the-top items like donuts, cookies, candy, chocolates, and so much more. If you have a sweet tooth like me, this milkshake can make up a whole meal for one because of how enormous they are. They are also fun to share as a table and make for a mouthwatering picture to share on Instagram.

The service is always fast, super friendly, and boasts the grit that the tri-state diner is known to have. While there are a large number of diners to choose from in the area, you will never be disappointed if you decide to go to Elm Street!

Elm Street Diner

463 Elm Street, Stamford, CT 06902

(203) 325-1141

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