Prime Steakhouse

Prime Steakhouse

It seems like there are infinite restaurants in Stamford nowadays, with new ones popping up left and right. For my husband’s birthday, we wanted to go somewhere that not only had amazing food, but an elegant and comfortable ambiance. We also wanted to be somewhere by the water, where the views and the sound of the sound meld into the experience of the restaurant itself. We decided on one of Stamfords best: Prime Steakhouse.

Prime is an upscale, old fashioned steakhouse that has modern touches, and some of the best service you will find in Connecticut. Walking in reminds you of the best of the old days, with white linen covered tabletops, and an oyster bar flanking the right of the restaurant. Immediately, we were led to a beautiful table directly next to the all glass windows, with an amazing view of the boats and harbor adjacent to the restaurant. Prime not only features steakhouse classics, but new and exciting dishes that lured us in. The wine list is fantastic, with many options ranging from Argentinean reds to sparkling Italian rosés. I had a crisp, light glass of Italian rosé with the bounty of appetizers we started with. Our waiter was one of the best we have had, explaining the specials of the day with a savour that made us starving.

We decided on a selection of Massachusett Blue Point and Kumamoto oysters, along with a creamy burrata and frisee salad, and one of Prime’s specialties: white truffle gnocchi. The oysters were sweet and buttery, cut with the tartness of the fresh mignonette sauce. The burrata was fresh and rich, perfect with the bitterness of frisee and toast points. And the gnocchi, which were pan fried and coated with the essence of white truffle, disappeared almost instantly. The braided french bread on the side was the perfect follow for the sauces left on each plate.

Because it was a special occasion, we chose to “ball out” and order two tomahawk ribeyes for our entrees. The steak was cooked to perfection, a light medium rare, and served with the giant rib bone that the steak was originally attached to. It was smooth and melt in your mouth tender. With the steaks, we decided on the fluffy potato whip, which was not only airy and delicious, but seasoned perfectly as well. We also chose the creamed spinach, which paired amazingly with the steak.

I decided to pair the entree with a full bodied Spanish tempranillo red, which had a deep flavor that went great with the steak. Our waiter described the dishes with a finesse that begged us to order dessert as well, which was a rich fudge chocolate cake covered with fresh whipped cream and candles, to our delight. When the manager realized it was a birthday dinner, he came and wished us well, and presented us with a gift card to use on our next visit, which was a perfect cap on an unbelievable dinner.
When you need a special restaurant for a special occasion, look no further than Prime Steakhouse near the sound, which will exceed your steakhouse expectations, and more.

Prime Steakhouse
78 Southfield Avenue, Stamford, CT 06902
(203) 817-0700

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